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Smoke Roses Wholesale 20 Pack Lotus

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About Lotuses

Roses’ lotus cones are all-natural. The beautiful organic lotus petals were handpicked, cleaned with purified water, and individually rolled for a cleaner, more enhanced way of smoking. Our all-natural lotus petals, paper, and filters are biodegradable, keeping up with our high eco-friendly standards. Roses’ products contain no harmful chemicals, pesticides, dyes, artificial flavoring, artificial colors, or artificial glues so you can fully taste and appreciate what you're smoking - a slow-burning, sustainable product made for smokers by smokers.


Remove the inserted paper inside of the cone. Grind your flower. Add contents to the Lotus Cone and continuously pack lightly with our custom wooden packing tool as you fill, so you don't tear or rip the petals. Do not leave gaps or air pockets when packing. Light the end of the cone to delight yourself to a slow, even burn. Take in the unique and aromatic accents of the lotus cone and indulge in the stress relief, digestion, and antioxidant properties that they aim to provide.

With every pack you get:

  • 4 lotus petal cones holding up to 1 gram of your favorite herbs

  • 1 Integra moisture control pack of 62% to keep the cones fresh

  • 1 packing stick for the ultimate smoking experience

  • A product that remains fresh for up to a year