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Smoke Roses Goji Berry Cones Wholesale 20 Pack

What Is A Goji Berry Cone?

Roses Goji Berry cones are all-natural, which is what we're all about. The sweet, organic Goji Berries were handpicked, cleaned with purified water, and individually rolled for a cleaner, more enhanced way of smoking. Our all-natural Goji Berry cones, paper, and filters are biodegradable, keeping up with our high eco-friendly standards. Roses products contain no harmful chemicals, pesticides, dyes, artificial flavoring, artificial colors, or artificial glues so you can fully taste and enjoy what you're smoking - a slow-burning, sustainable product made for smokers by smokers.

With every pack you get:

  • 4 Goji Berry cones holding up to 1 gram of your favorite herbs
  • 1 Integra moisture control pack of 62% to keep the cones fresh
  • 1 packing stick for the ultimate smoking experience
  • A product that remains fresh for up to a year
  • A simply unique and subtly sweet smoking experience