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Roses is a community, and our mission is to revolutionize the rose industry by creating the most transparent and unique smoking products available. We want you to know what you're smoking so you can enjoy it.

Roses cones are all-natural. Which is what we’re all about. The beautiful organic rose petals were handpicked, cleaned with purified water, and individually rolled for a cleaner, more enhanced way to enjoying your herb.
Our 100% organic rose petals, paper, and filters are all biodegradable, keeping up with our high eco-friendly standards. Roses contain no harmful chemicals, pesticides, dyes, artificial flavoring, artificial glues, or artificial colors so you can fully taste and enjoy what you're smoking.

A slow burning sustainable product made for smokers, by smokers.


Rose Petals

Purified Water

Organic Paper

The Truth

Lots of other rolling papers contain added chalk, bleach, or chemicals.
Some papers even use a brown ammonia dye to make their papers look like hemp.

Roses Organic Cones contain NO ADDED, CHALK, DYES, or BURN ADDITIVES.

One of a Kind

We speak on behalf of every member of our family as we say...
Roses cones are simply unique.

How It's Supposed to Taste

Our cones will help you fully taste and enjoy what you're smoking, unlike other rolling papers that are masking the flavor with harsh additives. We enjoy smoking our subtly sweet rose petal cones every day and will always keep it clean for you.